Fexofenadine (Allegra) Dosage

 Age Dose in mgChildren’s Liquid Dose Children’s Tablet Dose 60 mg 12 hour Tablets180 mg 24 hour Tablets
 Under 2 yrsNot recommendedNot recommended Not recommendedNot recommended Not recommended 
 2-6 yrs 30 mg5 mL every 12 hours 1 tablet every 12 hours Not recommended  Not recommended 
 6-12 yrs 30 mg5 mL every 12 hours1 tablet every 12 hours   Not recommended   Not recommended 
12+ yrs60 mg10 mL every 12 hours2 tablets every 12 hours1 tablet every 12 hours1 tablet every 24 hours

For patients whose allergy symptoms are mostly eye symptoms (itchy, watery eyes), consider using Zaditor drops, which are now over-the-counter as well. The usual dose is 1 drop in each eye every 12 hours as needed.

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